Key Enterprises for the Blind (KEY) has served as a multi-functioning work center, employing people with disabilities since 1981, with its first contract to perform microfilming operations for Dean Dairy. Since that time, KBA and KEY have made it their mission, to seek out viable business opportunities where blind and disabled individuals can be employed; not only toward the goal of achieving their own independence, but with the further goal of making productive contributions to their local communities.

In this country, approximately 70% of people with severe vision loss or other physical disabilities are unemployed. For many, lack of desire, motivation, or the ability to work is not the problem; finding a safe and suitable work environment is.

In the thirty years that KBA have been engaging in industries for the blind, KEY has been very successful at achieving this goal. Key Enterprises for the blind employs the blind and disabled at each one of our client service offices and also in the following vocational service areas...

Rest Area Management

KBA operates 34 interstate highway rest areas, making us the largest rest area vendor in the nation!

Photo Driver’s Licensing Centers

We operate five photo centers in western Pennsylvania. Workers also provide Motor Voter services & Organ Donor sign-up. Over 75,000 photos are taken annually.

Labeling & Mailing Services

KEY Document Solutions prepares mail for businesses and individuals. Over 1,000,000 units are processed annually by KBA employees.

Blind-made Products

Blind made brooms, sweeps, squeegees, and other products are available for sale.

KEY Tool Production

KEY currently offers 38 digging, and striking hand tools; including long and short handle shovels, scrapers, hoes, rakes, lutes, tampers, sledge hammers, axes, etc.

Document Shredding

A document shredding service is provided to local businesses, medical facilities and state agencies and departments, through KEY Document Solutions.

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