Prevention of Blindness

One of KBA’s main goals is to help prevent an individual from ever becoming one of clients, in the first place. To accomplish this, we offer (free of charge) a wide variety of Prevention of Blindness & Eye Safety programs to local communities.

These include…

Public Education & Awareness:

Educational and informational presentations made to groups, clubs and organizations on a wide variety of vision related topics.

Glaucoma, Visual Acuity, Depth Perception & Color Vision Screenings:

These screenings are conducted throughout the community; usually at health fairs, senior centers and adult living communities. The target group is the at-risk, elderly population.

Pre-School Vision Screenings:

Pre-school aged children are screened for early detection of amblyopia (lazy eye) and other vision abnormalities.

Eyeglass Adjustments and Eyeglass Dispensing:

Free eyeglass cleanings and adjustments are offered at senior centers, senior living centers, and nursing homes. While eyeglass dispensing to qualified persons is conducted at the Agency.

"Twinkle and EYEnstein's" Website:

KBA operates the only Prevention of Blindness website in the nation that is specifically designed for children.

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