Rehabilitation Education

When a person loses most or all of their vision, it is necessary for them to reorganize their thought patterns and learn new techniques for doing things that they previously did almost automatically. It can be a frightening and disorienting time, but KBA offers many programs through our Rehabilitation Education Program that help to ease this transition, foster self confidence and provide individuals with the Life Skills to maintain and improve their independence. Once these techniques are learned, it generally enables our clients to remain in their own homes or apartments, living a rewarding and productive life.

Rehabilitation Education options include…

Personal / Home Management:

Instruction is provided in phone use, time keeping, grooming, medication, and daily home management skills.


Large print, Braille reading and writing guide instruction, as well as the use of listening/recording devices.

Leisure Time Activities:

Tactile and audible games and cards are available from our KEY Enterprises Store.

Orientation & Mobility:

Residential Training

We provide instruction in all of the skills necessary to help a visually impaired person function independently and safely in a residential area.

Community Training

Instruction is also provided in Skills for independent and safe mobility in the local community.

Mobility Devices

A wide variety of long canes, support canes, and other mobility devices are available for demonstration.

Assistive Technology:


Client evaluations are conducted on using the latest devices and computer software products, specifically designed for blind and visually impaired persons.


Clients learn a variety of computer skills needed to successfully seek employment, advance in the workforce or simply improve their home lives.

On-site Assistance

Our assistive technology staff is available for on-site assistance in the set-up and use of this adaptive technology.

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