Specialized Services

When a person loses their vision, it may seem like the world is closing in around them, but KBA’s specialized services are designed to open up new vistas for a person with abrupt or slowly degenerating vision loss. These services meet the needs of blind and visually impaired individuals to foster independence and productive living.

These include…


Transportation and sighted escort services are provided to and from medical offices, grocery stores and other essential locations

Talking Books:

This program offers books and magazines in various Braille and audio formats, to eligible visually impaired and disabled persons.

Life Skills Education:

Educational programs designed to provide practical training in daily living skills; including personal & home maintenance, nutrition, consumer awaresness, and use of specially adapted accommodations for the visually impaired.

Talking Newspaper:

Daily local newspaper news and KBA information is readily available to clients via the telephone.

Support Groups:

A wide variety of social, recreational and support group activities are offered year-round, to help define support resources, address blindness issues and promote self-advocacy.

Housing Advocacy:

Individuals are assisted in obtaining suitable housing and in managing household needs.

All specialized services are specifically tailored to meet the special needs of each individual.

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